Monday, 8 October 2007

Starting At The Beginning

The first thing people usually ask me about this subject is “What are the Akashic Records?” It’s a difficult concept to explain in ordinary terms, but I’ll do my best. The Akashic Records are information stored in the ether or akasa. The akasa is an unseen substance which is all around us all and present in every atom of this world and of the universe. This substance is capable of being impressed by the images, thoughts, sounds, smells, tastes and feelings of what it comes into contact with, and because it is in contact with everything, everything is recorded. It is like having a multi-sensory photograph or holograph being constantly taken and kept on file.

How to Visit the Records Office

The next thing people usually ask (looking at me rather suspiciously), is “Well, how do you read the Akashic Records?” My answer is that accessing the Akashic Records is a skill, and like any skill, it is made up of two things: aptitude and training. Because in the western world, dabbling in the occult or unseen world has been actively discouraged for many centuries – sometimes on pain of death – training has not been widely available. The skill of accessing the Records has by default largely fallen to those individuals with a particular aptitude for such work to pursue it - if they dared.

Back in History

The word Akashic is Indian in origin. Knowledge about the Akashic Records is ancient and there have been people able to tune into and interpret this information since those early times.

Following on from the seers of India, are the Oracle at Delphi, renowned in classical Greek times and in our own era, the early 20th century American, Edgar Cayce.

And Now?

Recently science has become interested in the non-physical phenomena which it had previously shunned, ignored or ridiculed. A new generation of scientists has emerged and developed a new paradigm, or perspective for modern science, which is more in harmony with traditional mysticism.

The development of quantum physics, the discovery of “dark matter”, theories of morphic resonance and gaia and the many technologies and attitude changes arising from these developments have led to overlaps in some areas of science and mysticism. The work of Barbara Brennan, Dr Masaru Emoto and Rupert Sheldrake particularly come to mind.

So What About Me?

By this stage people’s eyes have usually started to glaze over. You see how difficult it is trying to explain this stuff? And what they really want is to get on with it, to cut to the chase, to find out: “So what about you? How do you fit into all this? How do I know you’re not a charlatan? And why should I be interested in it anyway? What’s in it for me?”

OK, OK, so I’ll tell you the only way I know how, by explaining what happened to me.

From childhood I have been able to see energies in the form of colours and shapes in the atmosphere and around people, animals, trees, stones and objects; I have also been sensitive to the feelings in a similar way. At the time I assumed this was what everyone experienced but never bothered to speak of. These experiences didn’t seem very relevant to my life at the time. Later on I experienced spontaneous past life regression and time slip experiences.

As an adult, through an illness I came into contact with the complementary therapy world, where I found my sensitivities accepted and that they actually could have a practical purpose. I trained in Reiki so that I could work with energies and in NLP and Time Line TherapyTM so that I could work with Past Lives and this new career had the added bonus of allowing me to use these gifts to help other people.

How I Became an Akashic Records Consultant

I came to the Akashic Records by chance. It was spring 2004 and I was having coffee with my very good friend, the novelist, Elizabeth Chadwick, whom I’ve known for over 20 years; since before she was ever published. She happened to say that she was having difficulty working out the character of the woman who was William Marshal’s brother’s mistress in the 12th century, for her work in progress, later titled “The Greatest Knight”.

The thought came to me that I could probably tune into the person in question and find the emotional and relationship information Elizabeth needed. As a therapist I had often used my ability to “tune in” to help clients understand and successfully resolve relationship issues that had previously been causing them stress, distress or grief. I also looked at it from the perspective that time is an illusion. The reality is that all time is one.

Elizabeth agreed to let me try and told me the name, date and place where I would be likely to find the person. Eventually my inner vision settled and I saw something that looked like a bag on a string being swung round and round above her head by a woman in medieval clothes and that she was standing on a grassy hillside with a castle behind her further up the hill. At first I thought this might be a medieval version of lettuce drying - where we might put the lettuce in a tea towel and, holding the edges of the tea towel, spin it round and round in order to expel water by centrifugal force. The fact that the pouch at the end looked brown and very round and the strap by which it swung was narrow and longer than I’d expect, I
put down to medieval differences.

It wasn’t until Elizabeth said, ”could it be a lure for a bird of prey?” that the truth dawned on me. By asking further questions, we were able to see who she was with to find out about her feelings and her life in general.

Following on from that, Elizabeth decided to commission more visits to the Akashic Records to supplement her own academic and re-enactment research and we have been doing them ever since.


Taminator said...

I feel as though I "know" you, lol, since Susan shares her session notes with me on a regular basis. I've been wanting to discuss your abilities with you for a long time! I am, first of all, quite envious of your ability and in awe of it. I didn't realize you'd studied Reiki.

Do you believe anyone could be taught to "tune in" or do you believe it's an inherited trait? In the past few years my interest in the paranormal has grown substantially and I'd love to get your opinion on this.

I hope you're having a great day and will have a good session with Susan tomorrow. :)

Tammy in TN

Elizabeth said...

Do you ever try to reach people on your own that you are interested in personally?

I find this very interesting and I wish sometimes I could do this. I think the two people I would most love to talk to are Joanna and Llewelyn ap Iowerth. I read about them in Sharon Kay Penman's novels and something about their story just struck me. I also think a monarch like Elizabeth I of England would be entirely entertaining!

Well, I find everything I read on Elizabeth Chadwick's site VERY thrilling! I hope to one day be at one of your talks.

alison said...

Hi Tammy
Thanks for your comment. In answer to your question: yes, I do think that anyone can learn to tune in. It may come more easily to some people than others, but that's the same for anything one learns. My feeling is that if you are born with a particular aptitude, it's not just a "gift", it's something you've worked long and hard for in a previous lifetime (I am talking past lives here). So depending on what you've done before and in this lifetime (for instance Reiki), it will make a difference to where you start from now and how long it will take.

Anyway, I hope that makes some sort of sense.

Great name, "Taminator"!


alison said...

Hi Elizabeth

I don't tend to tune in to people unless I have good reason. So, working on behalf of a client with a positive intent, say for hisorical or genealogical research would fall into that category.

For myself, I have a long-standing interest in the early days of the Theosophical Society in the 19th century, and I have done a little research for a writing project of my own.

I have not heard of Joanna and Llewelyn ap Iowerth, but their names sound picturesque and I'm sure, have lots of passion behind them. We have had a little overlap with Sharon Penman, in that Elizabeth Chadwick has researched (with me) and written extensively about John Marshal in "A Place Beyond Courage". Sharon Penman has also depicted John Marshal in her writing and she has a slightly different take on his character.

Certainly, I agree that Elizabeth I would be a fascinating person to learn about. Emotionally strong people like her tend to leave the strongest and most vivid imprints on the Akashic Record and are easiest to tune in to. She would be an excellent subject if I hever had reason to do that.

The next talk we have planned is at the HNS (Historical Novelists Society)in York on Saturday 12 April 2008.

I will post on my blog if any future events come up.

Lesley Cookman said...

Hello, Alison

We met at leicester last year, and you gave me some information and literature. I still haven't got around to doing anything about it, but I promise I will! Only just come across this blog, and found it an admirably simple explanation.

I've just developed an interest in the Theosophical Society, which came about as a result of research for one of my novels - off I went down a byway, as usual!

I hope somehow to meet up with you again soon.


alison said...

Hi Lesley

Thanks for your comment. Sorry for the delay in posting, because of technical difficulties in accessing my blog. It does seem a long time since the Leicester Conference.

I am organising a workshop for writers in September, where we may be able to meet up again, so keep in touch for further details.


Anonymous said...

Hello Allison,
Thankyou for this website and the info.

I live down here in South Australia, am now 62 years old and about ten years back as a result of an emotional/stress/nervous breakdown came to realise/ recognise/accept that it's OK that I do "see" the world differently to most others.

I then trained in Reiki which gave me credibility mainstream but in the spiritualist churches, where I prefer to work, it's simply called "healing" and I'm just the conduit. Am still unable to accept payment for my healing work.

Your explanation of "the Ashkaric Record" puts a few more bits of "the puzzle" in place for me.

My life has been "a hard row to hoe", especially with a mum who I now see as terrified by any thought of this and understand why.

Am proud that my three grown up children are far more open to the possibility, especially when I contact them unexpectedly, just to say "hello", and discover they're in the midst of personal turmoil.
In response to their question "how did you know?" I always say well I ddn't, I just knew that I had to get in touch.

My children all know and have come to accept my late in life "eccentricities". Up to them what they do with this. At least they haven't had the door SLAMMED in their faces.

It's going to take a very long time to overcome many hundreds of years of the denial and all the horrors to silence people, but just one step at a time is what I reckon.

Thanks again, Catherine.

mauricio lopez said...

Dear Alison:

The history intrigues me. I am an historian as hobby (my main job is programming).

I've trying to find information for ways to teach yourself how to access the akashic records for historic purposes. I am not interested in my past life but old history, like, for example how was the Spanish spoken on 7 century.

What you see you see it as a video? or you see/experience a big library with books to consult?

sorry for my ignorance, but I don't know where to start.


Alison said...

Hi Catherine

Thank you for your interesting comments. I’m sorry that you’ve had such a difficult journey. The upward path can be hard. But your story also proves that healing can take place, and when you are in touch with spirit you know that it can take place down through the centuries; for our own past lives and for the people involved in the events recorded on the Akasa. Letting go of past hurts is often about understanding and forgiveness. We have to stretch ourselves to do this and in this way we expand and grow. The experiences we heal become the precious treasures of our souls, which we can share with others and take back to spirit with us. Peace to you.

Alison said...

Hi Mauricio
Yes, it is somewhat like a video for me, not a library. The video camera can have various angles and close up or distance. The lighting is usually a bit murky, but there are also some extras. Things are three dimensional and I receive information such as emotional and physical feelings of people, and tastes and smells.

I don't generally get languages other than modern English coming over but I think this is because my system automatically translates the energy that I am actually reading. Occasionally I will get a word or proper noun in a different language, such as Old French, especially if there is no English equivalent.

My advice to you in making your own contact with the Akashic Record is firstly to meditate regularly so that you build up your inner awareness and sensitivity, then you can be more focused in what you tune in to. Good luck with your endeavours.

VictoriaM said...

Hello Alison

As an avid reader and aspiring writer of historical fiction, I find your work with Akashic records fascinating.

I am at the start of researching for a novel about the Cathars in 13th Century Languedoc (after many years of running on about it to anyone unfortunate enough to ask!). There is one buring question about why a major protagonist took a crucial decision that I would love to be able to answer - is the the kind of thing that might be accessible via the Akashic record?

Also - are you doing any more writers workshops?

Angel Mandala 天使曼陀羅 said...

After a Reiki healing practice & Indian cuisine dinner w/a friend tonight, she mentioned about "Akashin Records", then i searched online. Your blog is the 1st thing I read, amazing:) Tks for sharing!

Angel from HK

Alison said...

Hello VictoriaM
Thank you for your comments. I don't have a writer's workshop planned at present, however, Elizabeth Chadwick and I are doing a talk and demonstration at the 2009 Annual Conference of The British Society of Dowsers on 25 September 2009 at Cirencester. The following address with give you more details:

The question you are wondering about is ideal for Akashic Records research. Please email me if you would like to know more.
Good luck with your writing.

Alison said...

Hello Angel
Thanks for dropping in.
Sounds like you had a good evening.

Dawn Hayhoe said...

since i was a little girl i have been fascinatedby certain periods of history especially henry the second to end of king john era. i read and soak up everything about it like a sponge. im so envious of your abilitys as i have so many things id ask henry 2nd.

i have always been sensitive to feelings and moods atmomospheres could i learn how to do what you do?

Alison said...

Hi Dawn
It may be possible to develop the sensitivity you already have. Pay attention to the information your feelings give you and ask yourself further questions. Good luck with your experiments.

julien said...

i agree with you : we need aptitude and training training training to accesse the akashic records but the result is fabulous!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pleasant Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Anonymous said...

thank you for this blog. It's comforting to know that there are others who slide backward in time and "know" things that there's no reason for them to know.

I've always been able to pick things up from the past and in a very 3 dimensional way such as you describe. I found in very natural when I was very young and then somewhat frightening as I got a little older and realized that others didn't have these same experiences. I've never cultivated this as a skill, just accepted it and I've not talked with others about it since I was old enough to know that they wouldn't understand. I am envious of your ability to control and maneuver the experience and perhaps I should try to improve my abilities and see where it take me